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world on fire

"My name's Flame Prince. I live in the fire caves near Prince Gumball's kingdom. Thanks to Fionna and her friends, I am now fluent English and I'm currently working on controlling my flames."

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Regaining flames | aiden-the-flame-prince


Aiden chuckled softly seeing Tana. He had seen her about as he was in bed, but she was always off doing other things as he was left alone. “I am okay,” he practically lied, still tired and weak. His dull flames made it harder to move and simply stay awake. He had forgotten what it was like to recover from an injury such as drastic as this.

He looked down, seeing Flint. He went to reach down to pet him but was a little short and didn’t want to risk falling out of the chair if he leaned to the side too much. It had almost happened yesterday when he had dropped a coloring books one of the maids had brought in for the boy. If a maid hadn’t been there to catch his fall.

"You could hear the music from our room," Aiden says to Tana, "it sounds pretty." He gave a toothy smile, the first one truly since the accident. The two missing front teeth were even visible in the child’s smile. It wasn’t hard to do, actually, but being bed ridden depressed him lately.

Aiden looks back to Flame Prince. “Can I stay out after dinner?” he asks, practically begging. “I don’t wanna go back to being all alone in my room again. It isn’t any fun. The care takers won’t even let the cubs in! Not even Flint!”

"The nurses want me to encourage you to stay out for a little while anyway." The older prince took a seat next to the younger one. Noticing the cub trying to jump on the boy’s lap, he lifted the cub into his own lap. "Aiden is still recovering, Flint. Be careful." With Aiden’s legs especially. They didn’t need extra weight on them while healing. 

Flint mewed, craning his neck to touch his touch to Aiden’s arm. “I’m sorry, but he has to. The cubs and pups can jump onto you and hurt you more than help you. I’ll bring Flint in before bedtime. He sleeps at your door, you know.” Ignitus hated keeping the two apart, but the nurses order him to do so. 

An idea popped in his head while dinner was being distributed among the three. Setting the cub down, Flame Prince added hot sauce and sour cream to the enchilada. Tana giggled. “Thanks Aiden. It’s my first time practicing that piece. It’s a level higher than what I’m at.” 

Tana put hot sauce on the side of her plate. Once the enchilada was cut into manageable pieces, she dipped the first bite into it. “Mmm! This is really good chef!”

"And for the young prince. I’m giving what the nurses directed me to." It was half of an enchilada with a little bit of Fire Kingdom melon cut up into a bowl and a cup blueberry juice. "Flame Prince told me you liked the juice and we got a huge shipment in today, so you can have all the juice you want."

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The elemental carefully maneuvered through the forest. Careful not to let his flames rise and burn it all down. He spotted a green lady on the ground. It was a princess and she was some sort of plant. He pulled on his special fire resistant gloves, he rushed over. Prince Gumball said the grasslands needed water, so he assumed she would need it to. He carried her over to the river nearby, laying her on the shore where the water came up to. "Are you okay?" Flame Prince was worried- she was burnt.




{Silva was a still little dizzy but knew she wasn’t in the place as before, someone was carrying her, who was it?. then as she was on the ground tried to knew who was the one who bring her there, multiple times she tried to stand up and failed, too burnt.. to much for her, she thought she couldn’t make it alive and being near the river was something she was happy for. Soon she wanted to jump n the riven but the person was still there, she saw a blurred figure and the image became clearer, a fire elemetal}

"W-what? what are you doing here! you came to burn the little of forest is left!?

{She was about to attack the fire elemental, forgetting how weak she was. But she remained calm still unable to stand up,Silva saw the elemetal’s gloves}

"Did you… brought me here?

{Now she was confused, and remembered flame princess that told her fire elementals are good now… except the flame princess’s father}



"Uh yeah, thanks. Yer being very nice ta’ me, i guess i need some rest

{She said this looking at her body, she needed rest even after being healed by the water. Water wasn’t enough to help her, she needed rest. Silva saw again the fire elemental’s gloves. She tilted her head a little exhausted, But the comment of the flame prince practicing fire almost made her worry again for the forest security}

"I…. practicing fire was the least thing i wanted to hear honestly. normally i would ban you from the forest since you can burn tree and stuff. But if you say you are careful then i believe you…. anyways… there’s only a little left to burn here

{Suddenly she felt like the whole gravity was trying to smash her into the ground. She sit on the ground and touched her head, was she sick now?}

"Ugh, i don’t feel really good right now

{in fact she wasn’t, there was still one wound she needed to heal, it was one her left side of the stomach, it was the biggest one and she missed it. It itched her a lot and tried to see what was going on.Silva ripped out the stomach area of the upper part of her dress, she saw the burn on her skin. How she was going to heal that now? she was already feeling the effect of that burn}

"I know.. this is the craziest thing to ask a fire elemental but, can you bring the flower that is there and submerge it on water? i need it, that flower can cure burns. It may hurt ya’ to put yer hands of the water but i can’t move now

{She pointed out a Dark red colored flower, it almost looked like fire made the flower and shaped it in it’s nature figure. The flower was near a rock near the river from their current position}

"I’m sorry, princess… I-I just wanted to tell you. I won’t come here anymore if you don’t want me to." He understood a ruler’s protectiveness over their people and home. Flame Princess taught him a lot on being a ruler if she and CB had to be elsewhere for a few days. Normally CB would take over. 

Flame Prince visibly flinched at the sight of the burn on the girl’s side. Sometimes he disliked what a destructive nature fire was. It destroyed kingdoms, took peoples’ lives, and scarred non-fires for life. The boy hesitantly began to reach for it, but pulled back at her request. 

Turning his head, there was the dark red flora by the rocks near the river he brought them to. Fantastic, he had to douse his hands again. But he had to in order to save her life. The burn was easily a second or third degree. “Of course.” 

First, he picked up the princess, leaning her against a boulder at the bank of the river. It would be easier for her to slip in the water if she needed to. Second, he fetched the flowers she needed, taking only a few. 

Placing them in the water, he let them get drenched and soak up water. He pulled back her dress a little more to reveal the entire burn, laying a flower on top. “Am I doing this right?” He was hesitant because he knew nature people like her were delicate. 

A cut, burn, or too much water could hurt them.

"Fionna! PG taught me how to make cookies!" He proudly boasted, presenting the slightly burnt batch of the chocolate chip treat. "The burned... but they're still chewy." The elemental was almost a year into learning English, picking up on it quick, with a thick Fire Kingdom accent and everything else he was taught.



"FP, my dude, you are a lifesaver.” 

Reaching for a cookie, Fionna grinned, before taking a large, unladylike bite, and then immediately reaching for another with her empty hand while she finished the first. 

"I’m starving.” 


"Definitely sometime soon, yeah!” 

She watches the flames he breathes out, entranced for a moment; she hadn’t considered he could do that. His sudden discomfort catches her attention, and she follows his line of sight as he speaks, brows rising toward her hairline. 

Well. That was a little weird. 

"Sorry FP! I don’t think he’s ever seen a fire elemental before… but hey, BMO, stop eyeballin’ FP all hardmode, you’re makin’ him feel weird." 

Leaning over, she gently scoops the little computer up and then sets him on the ground, pushing him toward the living room. 

"Go on. We’ll play later tonight, ok?" 

Then she turns back toward Flme Prince, tapping her fork against the side of her bowl for a moment before scooping up another mouthful of pasta. 

"This is really great by the way FP, have you been practicing a lot?" 

The little computer pouted. “Aw, but BMO wants to be apart of Fionna and Flame Prince’s date!” The tiny machine headed to living room, jumping on the couch. 

Flame Prince flushed brightly at the words. The fork in his hands melted a little from his heat rising. Snapping out of it with Fionna’s question, he nodded. “I have been since I’ve known you. Since… the incident with Ice Queen when I burned your hair.”


"I didn’t realize how destructive fire was until I met you. Cake rammed it into my head, y’know? I don’t want to hurt anything else like I hurt you back then." There were some exceptions. Enemies obviously and people he disliked. He nearly set the Chocolate Prince’s kingdom on fire once for being a brat. 

The elemental took another bite, humming at the taste. It got better with every bite. This had to be his favorite dish out of everything he’s had so far. It wasn’t as sweet as the chocolate chip cookies or an overwhelming explosion of flavor as the bacon pancakes.

He finished his bowl of pasta with a few more bites. Leaning back, the boy chuckled. “Now I think a nap is better right now.” The monster attacking the water nymphs on the southwestern mountains could possibly wait… But he knew Fionna would pounce on him if he backed out for a nap. Plus he had no desire to be within a few feet of the great lake that inhabited the water nymphs.

Those girls never understood that they couldn’t touch him. Fire and water never mix.

"Sorry about your fork." He held up the half melted, deformed silverware.

Won’t you turn my soul into a raging fire?

"It's uh.." the weaver sniffed, "been a long time, hasn't it?" //fordameme .w.;;


My character has died and past on. Send me “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” for how my character will greet yours at the Pearly Gates (or Gates of Hell - depending) when yours has died, too.

Flame Prince’s head turned at the voice. It’s been years since he’s heard the dream weaver. “Y-Yeah, it has been.” The elemental balled his hands in his pockets. “…So do you remember at all?” 

"…There’s people who… would like to meet you inside."

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My character has died and past on. Send me “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” for how my character will greet yours at the Pearly Gates (or Gates of Hell - depending) when yours has died, too.


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